Taylor made & lab grade

A viral immunologist in the making, an unabashed nerd in the meantime. Ph.D. candidate in viral immunology at Saint Louis University. Views are my own. (she/her/hers)

Are you allowed to call yourself a virologist if you don’t have a picture of a plaque assay on your blog? Technically it’s a focus forming assay for Powassan virus, but card carrying virologists please accept this as tribute.

So many questions, so little time…

Discover some of the topics I explore in my daily life as a viral immunology Ph.D. candidate:

  • Marginalia Musings

    The following is a creative non-fiction writing sample I generated for a Story Collider submission and wanted to share! This concept of “marginalia” has always been one I’ve been eager to explore as it pertains to the life sciences, and I love little tangible moments of scientific discovery like this:                In my freshman yearContinue…

  • Some virology thoughts: State of the Union

    Now that I’ve had some time for cooler heads to prevail, I wanted to give some thoughts on President Biden’s State of the Union as it relates to the state of science (and science funding). 1) Vaccines & Therapeutics In a section centered on the United States COVID-19 response, the sound bite Biden’s speech writersContinue…

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