Welcome! I’m E. Taylor Stone, scientist and viral immunologist by day, and hiking, Star Wars-loving, fiber-crafting, dancing, fitness-ing nutcase by night (or whenever I’m not doing science). I am an endlessly curious person and collector of stories, and constantly trying to better myself and be a good human. Also, incidentally, a bit of a cynic. Thanks for taking the time to visit my page!

For my science and microbiology background, I graduated from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas in 2018 with a Bachelor of the Arts in Biology, with an emphasis on microbiology and just a couple of classes away from an English minor. As an undergraduate, I served as a research assistant in the laboratory of Dr. Matthew Moran from 2015-2018. Additionally, I spent the summer of 2017 in the laboratory of Dr. Jeffrey Lewis at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. I joined the Biomedical Sciences doctoral program at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine in 2018, and joined the laboratory of Dr. Amelia Pinto in 2019. Currently, I’m in my fourth year as a Ph.D. student in the Pinto laboratory, where I focus on tick-borne flavivirus immunology.

The view from the lab and the new I.D. on the ‘first day of (grad) school’.

Oh, you’re still here?